Why use Clara, by CMS?

Fleets have more data than ever before. But it’s often everywhere and difficult to use to track and monitor risk properly. We knew it shouldn’t be this difficult. So, we created Clara, our data aggregation and risk management solution.

By consolidating all your data and providing clear, relevant insights, Clara make accessing and using your data to track risk, monitor costs and respond to incidents easier than ever.

Services offered by Clara

Clara is a piece of software that collects data from any source or system in your business. No hardware is required, and it can be deployed in under 30 days.

We focus on helping companies address the biggest risk management challenges within a business in the first few months, such as:

  • Improving claim reporting
  • Identifying high risk employees
  • Increasing the visibility of your company’s risk exposure
  • Tracking claims performance
  • Making incident response and investigation more effective

Benefits of Clara

Clara is quick to set up and easy to use. Our platform has achieved a range of real-world results for fleets including:

  • 16% reduction in incident frequency
  • £600 reduction in average claim costs
  • 50% reduction in data management time
  • 40% improvement in driver training engagement and effectiveness.

Incident frequency reduction

Clara reduces incidents by highlighting what, where and who your biggest risks are with clear insights that you can act on.

Severity reduction

Clara's clear, automated alerts mean you can take control of incidents when they happen, with complete visibility of all relevant data and analysis.

Reduction in manual data management

Through Clara's AI data manager, you can set up new data sources in a few clicks, easily link data together and beneft from automated data quality monitoring.

How do I access this service?

AXA customers can access preferential rates for Clara and an extended, 3-month free of charge pilot.

For more information on the Clara AXA programme contact us by calling 03452419449 or emailing info@c-m-s.tech.