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Travel Claims Hints and Tips

The following hints and tips may help prevent a loss when making a travel insurance claim.

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    If you fall into the below two categories consider consulting your General Practitioner to get advice on whether you are fit to travel and contact our medical screening team to obtain confirmation that we can cover your condition.

    1. Any medical condition you have or have had for which you are taking prescribed medication or,
    2. Any medical condition you have or have had for which you are waiting to receive or have received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations)

    For curtailment claims you need to get a medical certificate from a medical practitioner and the prior approval of the emergency assistance service to confirm the necessity to return home prior to curtailment of the trip due to death, bodily injury or illness.

    On most policies Airport Departure Duty tax is not covered as it is refundable by the airline.

    If you fail to notify the travel agent, tour operator, provider of transport or accommodation as soon as you find out it is necessary to cancel the trip the amount we pay will be limited to the cancellation charges that would have otherwise applied.

    If you take prescribed medication ensure that you have a sufficient quantity to cover the duration of your trip, consider taking an additional supply in the event of a delay.

    Treatment or surgery which in the opinion of our assistance team can wait until your return to your home area will not be covered.

    Expenses incurred as a result of tropical diseases where you have not had the appropriate inoculations will not be covered.

    Valuables and Personal Money

    Valuables and Personal money (including documents i.e. passport and visa) are considered high risk items and therefore appropriate care needs to be taken to prevent loss, theft or damage. By not leaving these items unattended or in checked in luggage and by keeping them on your person you will reduce this risk. We will not cover any valuable items which are left unattended unless in a hotel safe, safety deposit box or in your locked accommodation.

    Valuable items and Personal money (including documents i.e. passport and visa) are not covered when left in a vehicle, non valuable items may also not be covered depending on your policy wording.

    Loss and Theft Claims

    For all loss and theft claims, a police report must be obtained within 24 hours of discovering the loss.

    For loss, theft of or damage to items whilst in the care of the carrier, transport company, authority, hotel or accommodation provider, you must report the details of the loss, theft or damage to them and get written confirmation of it. If baggage is lost, stolen or damaged in the care of an airline you must obtain a Property Irregularity Report.