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Chartered Status

What Chartered means

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is dedicated to promoting high standards of professionalism in the insurance industry. It is the largest insurance and financial services professional body in the world with over 95,000 members in more than 150 countries.

The CII works with insurers such as AXA Commercial, to help improve the awareness of the importance of professionalism within the insurance industry. It raises standards in insurance by providing qualifications for insurance employees at all levels within the industry including claims, broking, underwriting and sales and is recognised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an accredited body.

The CII is working to help drive the direction and improve the awareness of the importance of professionalism, with a focus on ethics and investing in talent. It is driving forward a long-term programme of ongoing learning through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and thought leadership through research and policy development.

AXA Commercial Lines was one of the first Chartered insurers. By becoming chartered we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to professionalism by making sure our people are fully qualified and the highest standards of ethical behaviour are pursued. Our people are all members of CII and are led by a team of strongly qualified senior management who always have the interests of the customer at the fore.

Through improving the skill levels of our staff, we are committed to improving the reputation and standing of the insurance sector and know that higher levels of professionalism within our organisation bring about better outcomes for our customers, whether that's the broker or the end customer.

The combination of Chartered broker and Chartered insurer is a powerful one and will give the profession a status that the consumer will recognise and acknowledge through increased remuneration.

Standards and Professionalism

The CII is working hard with Chartered insurers and brokers to restore public confidence and trust in the financial services market by creating a global profession and equality with other professions. AXA Commercial lines is committed to the idea of creating parity of esteem and is recognising Chartered brokers by developing a specialist proposition that will deliver unique benefits.

There are around 80 Chartered brokers across the UK and we believe that the huge effort that these brokers have made to achieve Chartered status and help to transform our industry into a profession deserves special recognition. We want to deliver both trading and service advantages to this select group and have established a Chartered Advisory Group supported by the CII to help drive the Chartered agenda.

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Broker benefits

We understand the effort that it takes to achieve and maintain chartered status 

We wanted to do something to recognise and reward the efforts of those brokers who have done it over 100 years so far and also to encourage more to go for it.

We have created something that benefits broker employees gives tangible benefit to the broker, encourages more to achieve higher levels of qualifications and technical competence, improve consumer outcomes and support professionalism within the industry.

Why would Chartered Brokers be interested?

Firstly we got their feedback on and input to developing the proposition consulting in focus groups and individual 1-to-1s to get initial views and then further sessions to test and hone the proposition.

It was important NOT to replicate / reinvent what they already have access to through their own trading relationships, networks etc we had to develop something that would bring value to all their staff not just those at the top.

Impact on Bottom line

We know this is what you want and we know that you value something that goes beyond pure remuneration because you’ve told us. Tangible actions that support their business and employees competence & confidence maters.

We believe in recognition for their Chartered status and helping them maintain this status getting it is one thing, keeping it is another.