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Motor Frequently asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive from brokers.  

  • I need to make a temporary change

    To check whether a vehicle or driver is acceptable you are required to run this through on the system as a permanent change.

    If the change is acceptable to ourselves as a permanent change then it is acceptable to ourselves temporarily.

    Please refer to prices via telephone or email.

    Telephone: 0330 024 6884


    Have you teleprocessed your temporary change?


    You don't need to send the covernote in to us - you just need to give us the covernote number and policy number via email.



    If you haven't teleprocessed the change with us or on your system if it has the capabilities, then please call us with all vehicle/driver details and covernote number via telephone.

    Telephone: 0330 024 6884

  • How do I check the status of a claim?


    Log in to eServe and track the claim.


    Visit our eServe area to learn about our online tracking tool, eServe and how to register.

  • Death of policyholder

    If there is now a new vehicle owner, the policy needs to be re-keyed as new business.

    If there isn't a new vehicle owner, the policy is fine to continue however the policy MUST be transferred into the name of the executors; the named drivers can continue to drive the vehicle.

    If an additional premium appears when transferring the policy into the name of the executors please contact us on 0330 024 6884.

    Please refer all other queries either by telephone or email.

    Telephone: 0330 024 6884


  • No Claims Discount enquiries

    Step back scales

     NCD Step back Scale                      Years 1 Claim 2 Claims  3 Claims 
     Intro 0  0  0 
     1 0 0 0
     2 0 0 0
     3 1 0 0
     4 2 0 0
     5 3 1 0
     6 3 1 0
     7 3 1 0
     8 3 1 0
     9 3 1 0


     PNCD Step back Scale                       Number of Years NCD   No. of claims in any 3 year period of insurance    
     1 Claim 2 Claims 3 Claims
     0 years Nil Nil Nil
     1 year Nil Nil Nil
     2 years  Nil Nil Nil
     3 years Nil Nil Nil
     4 years Nil  Nil Nil
     5 years 5 years 5 years Nil
     6 years 6 years 6 years Nil
     7 years 7 years 7 years Nil
     8 years 8 years 8 years Nil
     9 years 9 years 9 years Nil


    Please note that NCD Proof can only be provided for cancelled / lapsed policies. 

    Please email us at including the following information:

    • Brokerage Name
    • Customer's Full Name
    • Customer's Address
    • Policy Number
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Please confirm where you would like NCD proof sent

    If you are not / were not the holding broker for the policy when it was in force, please confirm within the email that you have been granted permission from the customer or holding broker to obtain proof.  If you have not been granted permission to request this information, unfortunately we will not be able to action your request.

  • Green Card enquiries

    A Green Card is an internationally recognized document that serves solely as evidence that the holder has the minimum cover required by law in the visiting country (for example, Third Party Liability cover).

    It provides NO Insurance cover in itself and the policyholder must ensure that they have their Certificate of Insurance with them when travelling abroad.

    Please check that a green card is required for travel prior to submitting a request.  You can view which countries require a green card within the FAQ below “Which countries require a green card?”

    Please email us at including the following information:

    • Brokerage Name
    • Customer's Full Name
    • Customer's Address
    • Policy Number
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Post to broker / Post to client
    • Start date of green card
    • End date of green card
    • Please list ALL countries that are being travelled to
    • Please name all drivers, including temporary drivers that will be using the vehicle abroad.  All drivers MUST be named on the policy.

    Drivers that will be using the vehicle whilst in a foreign country must include any temporary drivers named on the policy.  Please also provide the names of all the temporary drivers included on the policy.

    It is not always necessary to travel with a green card providing the insured takes their Certificate of Insurance. The table below covers off the main countries travelled to and shows whether or not a Green Card is compulsory. If the country is not listed, we are unable to provide cover, even for an additional premium, as they fall outside the Green Card system:

     Green cards are NOT required for travel in: Green cards are compulsory in:
     Andorra  Albania 
     Belgium  Belarus
     Bulgaria  Bosnia and Herzegovina
     Croatia  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
     Cyprus  Islamic Republic of Iran
     Czech Republic Denmark  Israel
     Estonia  Moldova
     Finland  Morocco
     France  Russia
     Germany  Montenegro
     Greece  Tunisia
     Hungary  Turkey
     Iceland  Ukraine
     Lithuania Luxembourg  
     Slovak Republic Slovenia  


    Under the policy wording the insured may drive abroad for up to 93 days in any one period of insurance without giving us prior notice.

    No additional premium is charged for this, although the period is limited to 93 days per annual policy cover and the client file or the brokers records must be noted of any trips we are informed of.

    If you have a request to extend the 93 day limit please refer to AXA and contact us on 0330 024 6884.

  • What information do I need to provide in order to backdate a policy cancellation?

    To enable us to review your request, please ensure you send us the necessary supporting documentation.  Please see table below: 

    Reason Acceptable Proof Unacceptable Proof

    Dual insurance


    Certificate of insurance from other insurer


    SORN declaration

    Vehicle sold


    Proof of sale from DVLA or letter headed confirmation of sale from the garage that brought it in part exchange


    Schedule of alternate insurance

    Unauthorised auto-renewal


    Certificate of insurer from other insurer


    Confirmation email from alternate insurer/broker

    Vehicle scrapped


    DVLA letter of confirmation


    V5C - Vehicle registration certificate

    Vehicle written-off


    DVLA letter confirming vehicle has been scrapped OR confirmation from claims that the vehicle has been scrapped



    Please email us at including the following information along with your supporting evidence:

    1. Policy Number
    2. Policyholder's Name
    3. Policyholder's Address
    4. Renewal date
    5. Effective date of cancellation
    6. Cancellation reason

    Upon receipt we will then contact you to enable you to process the backdated cancellation (subject to satisfactory information being provided).