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Why Direct Debit

We have selected Direct Debit as the most suitable form of payment to be linked to eSettlement.

  • Direct Debit is the cheapest form of payment. It is significantly cheaper than the costs associated with traditional accounts settlement methods e.g. postage costs and cheque processing fees
  • The Direct Debit makes payment simpler, faster and above all hassle free
  • The system works in a way that ensures the broker is fully in control of the amounts and dates of payments to AXA Insurance at all times. No amounts will be taken from the broker under this Direct Debit Instruction, other then those processed by the Authoriser in the broker’s office. This represents a much higher level of security than a 'normal' Direct Debit Instruction e.g. a utilities bill
  • If an error is made by AXA Insurance UK plc or your Bank or Building Society, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch of the amount paid
  • The Direct Debit mandate, which will be authorised by the broker in advance of using the system, will determine the broker bank account from which payments will be made, and the AXA Insurance bank account to which payments will be sent

Useful links

Download the AXA eSettlement Direct Debit Mandate here